The Purple Prince

We saw the purple Prince live tonight. What a great concert, well worth the visit…..  and at the old Dome…..  We thought it was a good venue. Well the sound was good from where we were.  Anyway more about ‘Prince’, how petite is he?  About 5′ 2″……  but those stilettos made him taller….they would make fantastic wedding shoes!

He started with all his old hits, and played snippets of each, just him and a guitar.  One big medley really, but it was so well done, just a real subtle change between each song.  And it got rid of a whole lot of old hits that everyone would like to know he played too. And the highlight later in the show was when he played Purple Rain – kinda had to really, you can’t go to a Prince concert and not hear Purple Rain.

We had a great time, I’m even contemplating going again.  At 49 he’s still got it, a great entertainer that can still sing! Honestly it was a real bargain  at £31.21 along with a free CD, it makes me wonder how artists like Madonna, Elton John and all those others charge such extortionate amounts.

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