Just call me Jim.

Posted in London on August 9th, 2007 by Coffee

Well, Gym anyway. Today I went for a trip to the gym. Yes, that’s ME talking this time, not Bec! Though she was the one that dragged me there. We’ve got a little cardio gym as part of our complex that we pay for as part of our rent, so may as well use it, and it’ not like it’s very far away.

Just a little workout to see if I’d keel over or not, but surprisingly I came through unscathed. So far. I’ll see how the legs are tomorrow…

The Purple Prince

Posted in Uncategorized on August 8th, 2007 by Bec

We saw the purple Prince live tonight. What a great concert, well worth the visit…..  and at the old Dome…..  We thought it was a good venue. Well the sound was good from where we were.  Anyway more about ‘Prince’, how petite is he?  About 5′ 2″……  but those stilettos made him taller….they would make fantastic wedding shoes!

He started with all his old hits, and played snippets of each, just him and a guitar.  One big medley really, but it was so well done, just a real subtle change between each song.  And it got rid of a whole lot of old hits that everyone would like to know he played too. And the highlight later in the show was when he played Purple Rain – kinda had to really, you can’t go to a Prince concert and not hear Purple Rain.

We had a great time, I’m even contemplating going again.  At 49 he’s still got it, a great entertainer that can still sing! Honestly it was a real bargain  at £31.21 along with a free CD, it makes me wonder how artists like Madonna, Elton John and all those others charge such extortionate amounts.

Nothing but blue skies…

Posted in London on August 5th, 2007 by Coffee

Sorry to bore you with such a pic, but it’s so unusual here this summer that I just had to make sure there was a record of it somewhere! It’s been a stunning day here. It’s been probably the hottest day that we can remember this year. Lovely jubbly! We’ve had a nice day trying to find all the sunny spots around where we live. Originally we were going to go for a 10k walk, but we soon decided that that was possibly pushing ourselves a bit further than was necessary!

But spare a thought for the poor buggers doing the triathlon that is going on past our place today. An full Olympic triathlon in this heat must be killer! Good on them!


Those Magnificent Men…

Posted in London on August 5th, 2007 by Coffee

Thursday the other week I was working at home and kept hearing this loud buzzing noise. Kind of like a massive weed-eater having a go at a large flax bush. Hanging out on the balcony to see what was going on I spotted little planes twisting and turning up the Thames. Not very far away from the Thames at all really. Height wise, that is! Practice for the Red Bull air race was going on right on our doorstep! Entertainment for a while, and I didn’t even have to leave the house!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, these guys race time-trial style through a course of blow up cones. These cones sit on the ground, or on the Thames in this case, and they have to go through them. At up to 400kph. Madness! The official site is here, if you want more detail.

As a bonus, on the Saturday we managed to get some spare “Local Residents” free tickets that meant we could sit in the grandstands right on the river and see them all up close, as well as put up with the pretty awful commentators. (They should really have done more homework about London and the area. Would have made them seem less like muppets!) As well as the racing, there was a neat display by a helicopter doing all sorts of things that helicopters were surely not meant to be able to do, like loops and rolls etc. Impressive. Mighty impressive.

A good day out, but I wouldn’t pay for a ticket, I think.


And we’re back!

Posted in Geeky Tech Stuff on August 1st, 2007 by Coffee

You might have noticed that we’ve been away off line for a few days now. In fact, a couple of weeks at least! It’s been a bit of a mission, but we’re back!

Most of the delay can probably be blamed on the last tenants of this place deciding for some strange reason not to get their old internet cut off for a week and a bit after they’d left, and some on the strange way this all seems to work here in that we were able to get a new phone number here, but that still doesn’t automatically cut their old net off.. Sigh.

And then another few delays of a day or so here and there as things bounce around the system, and then, whoopie!, net access again!

The good news is (and this almost makes it worth the wait) is that the signs all point to this being a much, much, much, much faster connection. Over 4 times as fast as the last one. Yipppee! Just have to wait to see if it settles down at that speed over the next week or so.

The bad news is now we have to try to remember all the interesting stuff (to us, at least) that we need to write up! We’ll see what we can do…