Walking around London…

Posted in London on May 11th, 2008 by Coffee

Yes, we’ve been particularly bad at getting around to writing anything in the last while. Megan and Michael have been so good at putting stuff up lately that it’s been making me guilty. Though I have to say they have had a couple of slack years really! But that’s no excuse for us.

We’d had some visitors staying with us again – Dad and Dawn – and so we got to again see London through a newcomers eyes. It’s always good to be reminded that what we either walk or travel past often is actually pretty interesting. And the good thing about London is that you can tick off quite a few sights during a reasonable length walk. Pity the weather wasn’t the best for us on some of the walks, but hey ho. Some of the walking we did was not so much sights, but around where we used to live etc too.

We made Google Earth paths of most of the walks we did together around some of the sites. If you’ve got Google Earth and want to have a look, the paths are all here, London Walks.

I’d tell you all the sights we say etc, but it was a while ago now, and I’d no doubt forget as many as I remembered, and it’s sunny outside so I’m going to go read my book in the sun. Sorry!
They did a bit more on their own as well, of course.

An update

Posted in Plants and Gardens on May 11th, 2008 by Coffee

You knew it had to happen sometime.  Another chilli update.

Things seem to be moving along nicely now that they’ve been re-potted and we’ve had some hot, sunny, and most importantly, relatively wind free days.  I’ve been able to get the chillies out onto the balcony and keep moving them around to follow the strip of sun as it moves across.

Most of the plants have now got 6 leaves, although there are a few stragglers.  Still not sure what type any of them are, and I guess that we won’t know until they actually have some fruit on them.  Difficult to know which to keep and which to give away, and which to just “retire” at some point.  Five plants have already gone to (hopefully) good homes, and some more will have to go this week.  I just hope I get to try some of the results of those plants later to see if I made the right choice of plants to keep…


Only a month ago…

Posted in London on May 11th, 2008 by Coffee

Looking back at the last few entries I’d made, I noticed that just over a month ago we’d just had snow here. Outside at the moment it’s about 25C! Go figure.

But I’m not complaining!

Though I might if it just keeps getting hotter through to the real summer. The tubes are bad enough during even mild summer heat.
Mind you, this being England, this week might just be all the summer we get this year. Better enjoy it while it lasts!

Removing an annoyance…

Posted in Geeky Tech Stuff on May 11th, 2008 by Coffee

For a while now I’ve had a weird PC issue on one of the Windows XP computers I use. JPG files on the desktop wouldn’t open to view when double clicked. Double clicking in an ordinary Explorer window opened them fine, but from the desktop the Picture and Fax viewer would flash up and then disappear straight away.

Annoying, but not life threatening!

Tried everything I could think of to fix it, but no luck. Every now and then I search the net for an answer and there is always a bit of really dumb advice from people that haven’t really understood the issue. But today I finally found a proper answer here. A corrupt link to another program on the desktop. Work out which one it is, delete that, and all back to normal again.

Why on earth a corrupt link should make any difference to how an image file opens, I’m not sure. Seems pretty dumb to me!

Big thanks to whoever found the answer though!