I need a corny title here…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on December 29th, 2011 by Coffee

The other day we finally got around to planting the sweetcorn plants we had sitting around. The reason it had taken so long? We needed to make a patch for them to be planted in!

A quick bit of carpentry later we had at least a delineating timber square. A slightly longer time was spent digging the ground out inside the square and mixing with composted dirt. It didn’t help that it was hot. Damn hot! Digging is always a bit slow when you can’t see due to rivers of sweat dripping down the eyes and glasses! But we finally got there and managed to get the plants in too.

I suspect that unless they’re really comfortable or lucky plants they’re going to struggle a bit with the wind where they are this year, but we’ll see.

The creeping green…

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Summer can start now!

Posted in Food and Drink on December 22nd, 2011 by Bec

It’s official we finally have our first BBQ! Our Christmas present (the only one, unless Mike is secretly surprising me), to ourselves this year was to install a BBQ on the property. And after looking around for about a week and pondering on what makes a good BBQ (not sure we are any the wiser), and what price one should spend, we finally settled on this one!

And the first batch of sausies we cooked came out OK…… a slightly charcoal bit here and there!

The New Lawn: Part 13 – The Growing!

Posted in House, Plants and Gardens on December 22nd, 2011 by Coffee

It’s now been about a week since the lawn got seeded and I’ve been out looking for signs of life but no luck. Until yesterday, about 3:30pm. That’s about when I saw the first sign of life that didn’t look like weeds. Yippee! All the watering and rain seemed to have worked some magic.

And this morning there was a huge explosion of growth all over the place. Yippee again!

(Honestly, there is some grass in this photo! I’ve even made it clicky for a big version to prove it!)

Now we just have to keep it alive enough to grow and spread, then think about mowing it all…

The New Lawn: Part 12 – The Seeding

Posted in House, Plants and Gardens on December 14th, 2011 by Coffee

It might look pretty much the same as all the other pictures of the lawn to you, but there’s a subtle difference. This one contains the grass seed that was distributed yesterday as well as the last remaining small stones. Yippee!

Now it’s over to us to get some proper irrigation sorted in the next few days so once “the lawn” starts getting a bit damp we can keep it that way so it’ll get a good start in life. Then maybe we can finally move away from staring at brown and start starting at green.

We can also start to finally start thinking about some fences and gardens too… Just have to remember not to use the back door for a few days.

The New Lawn: Part 11 – Levelling and Burying…

Posted in House, Plants and Gardens on December 12th, 2011 by Coffee

Another day’s work on the lawn area today. Levelling out most of the remaining hollows and humps (not that there were many left) and then running a stone burying machine over it all.

It’s looking really, really good. Good enough for a casual game of croquet anyway! It’s amazing to see how few stones are left of the surface now. I think we can claim some credit as we did a pretty reasonable job of collecting the big stones and carting them away, but it’s still pretty impressive anyway.

So apparently tomorrow there’ll be a lot of rolling with a big roller, and then the seeding. Then it’s up to us and nature to keep it all watered until it’s nice and lush. Gulp! The responsibility after all this work!

Making hay while the sun tries to shine.

Posted in Plants and Gardens on December 10th, 2011 by Coffee

The grass covering most of our place has been growing generally unhindered my man or beast for the last year and a half. So it got quite long. And recently with all alternating rainy and sunny days it’s got even longer. Like very long! In some places it was up to Bec’s underarms. I’d managed to keep a few paths cut to be able to go visit the fruit trees, but the rest was well overdue for a haircut. (As am I, of course. Like usual)

So today was haircut day. (For the grass, at least. Mine can wait just a bit longer.) It was starting to die down on it’s own, so time was running out to try to get it ready to make some sort of hay this year. Still not perfect timing, as there’s rain forecast in the future, but what can you do. Not that it really worries us this year. We’re just happy to have someone cut it all for us and take it away. Maybe next year we’ll worry more about the end product.

We’re both finding it all a bit weird though, actually being able to see the land again, and the lie of it all. Weird, but bloody good, and about time! Now, if we can just get the actual lawn sorted… Hopefully Monday will see that done.

Instant Gardens…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on December 10th, 2011 by Coffee

As we’re just a bit sick of trying to dig down for gardens, we thought we’d give going upward again a try instead. This time we’ve forgone timber for rubber, and taken three tires destined for the dump off the hands of a very nice tyre shop man and plonked them down in a spot we deemed about right, filled them with soil and compost from the mound, and chucked in a few courgette plants. Easy as!

Hopefully they’ll like the heat they should get from the rubber and give us lots of courgettes, but not so many marrows please.

The tyre shop dude said he gets quite a few people in wanting tyres for their gardens. He reckons most wanted them for strawberries, which got us thinking that maybe we should give that a try next…

And now for something completely different: Watermelon Curry!

Posted in Food and Drink on December 9th, 2011 by Coffee

Yes. Yes indeedy. It does seem that you can, in fact, make a curry containing just about anything! Tonight’s effort was based around watermelon, and I have to say it was actually quite unexpectedly yummy!

Light, but tasty. Not too sweet, as the chilli powder seems to take away some of that. Just right really! And really quick. Think I’ll keep this one handy for a really quick, summer light dinner or lunch.

The New Lawn: Part 10 – Cultivation again…

Posted in House, Plants and Gardens on December 9th, 2011 by Coffee

We arrived home tonight to find that Tony had obviously been around and re-cultivated the soon-to-be-I-hope lawn area. I’m not sure if that was in response to the weather or the slightly probing phone call we made to him earlier in the week. So just a bit more stone burying to be done and then the seeding. We hope!

Might be almost time to get the hoses and the lawnmowers sorted…