How to create a garden…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on October 28th, 2012 by Coffee

It would appear from the lack of recent entries on this blog that we’ve not been up to anything much worth reporting for about a month. That kind of feels about right, actually. Sorry! Hope you managed to entertain yourselves in the meantime. But finally, we have news worth reporting!

Meet a pile of compost. MMmmmmmm. Compost!

It’s quite a big pile really. And will take a bit of shifting. But it would have taken a lot more shifting if we hadn’t got around to moving the pile of wood that arrived a couple of days before out of the way a bit. And once we shifted it out of the way we got around to some light construction with some of it, and finally managed to get some edges organised for the plots we dug out last July. We’d gotten really, really tired of trying to work out just where the edge of the garden and the start of the weed patch was.

So by the end of Saturday we’d finished the first one.

And by the end of today we’d finished the second one.

Just the last one of the original plots to go, then it’ll get a bit more complicated as we try to work out where to add another few. But so far we’re very happy with the result. Looks a lot tidier already. And a lot more maintenance friendly! Only problem is a few of the last winter veg will have to be sacrificed in the name of getting them ready (yes that means moving that huge pile of compost) for the summer veg, but I think we can live with that. Now we just have to cross fingers that the warping and twisting stays to a minimum…