One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes… I lost track of just how many bloody potatoes, and I’m not counting them again!

Posted in Plants and Gardens on April 7th, 2013 by Coffee

Polly better want a potato, as that’s what she’s gonna get for dinner for quite some time, I suspect! As will we all! Today was potato harvest day, quickly before any frosts appear.


After much scraping, forking, and cursing, 43.8kg of potatoes were hauled kicking and screaming from the earth into random pots. Yes, we did weigh them. That’s a fair few bloody spuds!

Considering we’ve been both eating and gifting potatoes since the middle of January I’m guessing we’ve managed at least 80kg for the season from 6kg of seed spuds. Not a bad return, even though they did take up a bit of real estate. And there are some awesome chippers amongst them too. Wish I’d kept the biggest aside to weigh and measure it individually, but I was more interested in just getting them up and out.

Now we just have to find something resembling a dark, cool place to store them. A bit lacking around here, so I guess we’ll just have to find new and inventive ways to ingest carbohydrates…

Fruit harvest 2013

Posted in Plants and Gardens on April 7th, 2013 by Coffee

Regular readers might remember last year’s fruit harvest as being something of a non-event. We hoped this year would be better, and so it proved.

harvest 2013

Yes, that’s right! We’ve managed to increase our production 200% in a year! Three whole apples this round! Yippee!

Once again the main culprit for the miserly production was the grass grub beetle munching everything around November time. This year we might resort to a few nets as well as the spray. Either that or a very large flyswat!