No cows.

Posted in Plants and Gardens on December 23rd, 2014 by Coffee

Well as you might have been able to tell from the lack of any posts there hasn’t been that much happening around here lately. What’s mainly been happening is “no cows” in the back paddock. We’ve been telling the kids for some time that it won’t be long before the cows are back to eat all the nice oats that have been growing since the last post.

But it looks like the cows won’t be coming after all. We arrived home to find the paddock looking like this:


When there is something happening around here we miss it. Bugger! There’s a little boy here who would have just loved seeing the “tak-tah” go round and round for a while. Also means that we weren’t able to catch the before shot showing all the lovely green oats that were there this morning. And I suspect we’ll be explaining that the cows are not going to be coming now for about as long as we were telling them the cows were coming soon…

It has been a decent prod to take a few “before” pictures of the areas where there just might be something planned to happen soon, just in case something happens sooner than we think. Maybe you’ll hear about them…