Nice Melons!

Posted in Food and Drink, Plants and Gardens on March 25th, 2015 by Coffee

First time we’ve tried to grow melons in the tunnel house, and it seems they’ve managed to grow and ripen OK.


There were even are few sneaky extras that I hadn’t spotted hiding under the back leaves. Just have to make sure we eat them all before they go off. And to try and remember which was which to know what to plonk in again next year.

The BBQ area IS finished!

Posted in House on March 14th, 2015 by Coffee

And has been for a week or two now. We just got lazy taking the picture to prove it.


Looking good. Now we just have to move the BBQ in, fill it with tables, chairs, plants etc. There’ll probably be a few lights go up. The outdoor speakers that have been sitting in the cupboard for five years should finally come out and be used (but that will involve a trip up into the roof, so that can wait a bit until I’m sure my legs are flexible enough to get around all the timber up there).

But we’ve got until the start of next summer to get all that organised!