Spring Cleaning

Posted in Plants and Gardens on October 15th, 2016 by Coffee

It’s that time again. The time of the year that I wonder why I haven’t found somewhere else for all the stuff that’s normally stacked in corners of the tunnelhouse to live as I’m sweating profusely carting it all out in order to give the tunnelhouse it’s annual spray down.

But finally it was empty.


Now I’ve just got to work out if there’s anywhere else for this pile to go or whether it’s going straight back in there for at least another year once things dry off a bit…


Watching the grass grow!

Posted in Plants and Gardens on October 15th, 2016 by Coffee

It’s growing! Two weeks on and there’s shades of green appearing everywhere. Hard to capture it all in a photo, but as well as the very obvious patches that seem to have gotten a double seeding there’s little green stalks all over the rest of the earth as well.

We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather. There’s been enough rain, showers and dew that we’ve only had to water twice so far. Although there has been some quite heavy rain so there’s a few little patches where we can see piles of seed has floated from some water pools, but I’d rather have too much water than not enough!


Preparing to watch the grass grow…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on October 2nd, 2016 by Coffee

It was meant to be a autumn game, but due to the weird autumn and winter weather we had it’s turned into a spring one. Either way the name of the game has remained the same. It’s called “let’s watch the grass grow!”

Both the left and right sides of the house have been cultivated, cultivated some more, cultivated again, and then stone buried, seeded and rolled. (I might have left out a cultivation or two there). So all that’s left is to watch the green creep over it. Hopefully the green will be more grass than weeds!



But for a dose of something that’s not brown, our Rhodo has launched into its best display yet. Almost worth hanging out the washing just to look at it. Almost.