Gilgamesh Bar & Restaurant

A pretentious Friday night dining experience for a complete change of pace, Gilgamesh Bar & Restaurant (but don’t visit their site unless you like big, slow loading, Flash sites). We made our way up to Camden to a flashy Asian restaurant, and I must say after visiting the restaurant we feel that its location leaves something to be desired. For the type of restaurant it is and the market it is trying to capture I am not convinced that its location is quite right, and that’s not helped by the fact that when dining you are sitting beside a freight rail line.

The restaurant and bar itself are big spaces and I would say it is posey Asian – the décor is all carved wood panels with dim colour changing lighting. A little bottle of coke costs £2.50 and get this, they pour it into a glass and don’t give you what’s left in the bottle. Now I don’t know about you but when I have paid extortionate money for a drink I want the whole lot! The menu was pretty thin on mains, which seem really pricey, but there were quite a few nice dim-sums that we pigged out on, and the food was good.

We’re not sure how long they’ll be able to sustain the way they run the place either. There seemed to be more staff than patrons and the majority of them seemed to have nothing to do other than stand around at the kitchen waiting for food to be cooked.

I can’t say we’ll be going back in a hurry. But we’d have to say that all in all if you like pretentious places then I’d give this one a go.

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