Some people are amazing!

There are some people that amaze me. I’ve been reading the blog of a friend of my sister from Japan who’s been going on a small cycle trip. Just a small one from Japan to England, staying close to 14 degrees latitude on a recumbant bike. Alone. The link is on the right on the “blogroll”.

I can’t help thinking that he’s absolutely nuts! But at the same time it seems a completely sane and amazing thing to do at the same time. It must be such an absolutely amazing experience. So far away from my normal 9 to 5 life! I just don’t know if I’d have the guts and determination to do something like that. I’d like to think I would, but I suspect I’d just enjoy the planning and dreaming, and not get around to the doing and experiencing.

It’s a fantasitic read though. I recommend starting at the start of the trip and following it right through.

When he gets to London I definitely want to buy him a beer! I’m sure he’ll be needing one by then!

He does remind me a lot of a friend of ours who managed to travel the length of the Dabube river in much the same way. Nuts. But good on them!

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  1. robthomson says:

    Cheers mate. I must take you up on your offer of a beer when I get to London. The hardest part of the trip I think has finished (Tajikistan has been a mission), so I am looking forward to getting onto some more civilized roads!

    Rob Thomson
    Japan to London by recumbent bicycle. 12,000km. 200 days.

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