What a run…..?!

Well, it was hard, up and down and a very long way…… 13.1 miles to be precise. The 2006 Windsor half marathon that is! On a very nice sunny Sunday afternoon and in the heat of the day I took part in the half marathon, with about 5000 other participants.

The winner completed it in 1hr 6mins – not a bad effort. And let’s just say that, well my time was not even close to that! But I must say that it was an achievement and I am proud to say that I completed it!

My body is feeling it today though. I can’t help but wonder how far I have got to go in order to even attempt the London Marathon – something I want to accomplish before leaving here. Let the training begin!!

(note: those of you that know me will guess that it was Bec that posted that. All us boys sat in the pub and watched the golf while the girls ran in circles… But we were all very impressed!)

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  1. Tomooka says:

    Thank god! I thought the chillis had done something strange to my brother. Good to see you are not exerting yourself too much Mike, and congratulations Bec!

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