Catching up on progress…

We’re just back from 10 days travel on our usual loop down south, some of which probably deserve a post of their own like more mini-golf and a wedding (again, no, not ours!). In our absence quite a few things had changed on the house. Which is good!

First up, the kitchen units were all installed, where they’d been strewn all around the “lounge” when we took off. Just the bench-top, appliances and tap-ware to go.

Even the pantry had been pretty much finished, with the electricians making good use of it to store a few boxes of their bits and pieces. All of the tiles had been laid too, with just the grouting to go.

A highlight for someone seemed to be the laundry. I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t me!

Moving around a bit, the painters had pretty much finished too, so our coloured feature walls had suddenly changed colour too. And luckily they looked fine. Whew!

And lots of other bits and pieces had been added, like door handles, power sockets, waterproof shower paint, a heap of tiles etc, but I’ll save you the photos showing all the gory details!

So we’re getting closer! Not long to go now!

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