Unexpected progress…

We headed out this morning to pick up some more clean water for everyone from the land (and, of course, to check if there had been any more progress) and when we walked in we were just about speechless for a minute. The granite bench-tops had arrived!

And not only that, a whole heap of carpet had arrived, and been either half or fully installed!

And a heap more tiles too (which are a bit lighter in reality than in this photo)…

Only problem is that we’d expected a few more tiles here, with them going up to the roof around all sides of the shower. ARRGGHHHH!! We suspect it’s now too late for that and something got lost in translation (mental note to selves, make sure things are documented more next time). Not sure how we feel about that yet. We’ll see what we think once the bath and vanity get installed.

But we’re starting to suddenly feel like we’re getting close to the finish line. Really not far to go now!

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