I wanna wanna wanna wanna Hamster!

A couple of weeks ago we bought a cheap paper shredder to finally stop having to rip all the printed name and address bits off all the mail that we get sent, whether we want it or not. A shredder seems like it’s just about a compulsory piece of equipment in London now, to stop, or lower any chance of “identity theft”.

All the paper strips are just dying out for a hamster to use for a bit of nice bedding! I’m sure it would love snuggling up in visa card application forms, or suggestions on how we might like to sell a house we don’t have…. Or maybe it would enjoy peeing on them even more. I know I would!

But we can’t really even commit to a hamster as a pet at the moment. The responsibilty is just a bit much! How would we be able to go on holiday!?

But they are so cute!


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