Ok, I can admit it…

Yes. I know. I am the worst present shopper in the world. Yes. In the world! And I know it.

I just can’t seem to do it. At all, really. I’d like to think it’s because I’m not willing to just get just anything out of desperation for people, and want to get them something that would be really useful, or that they’d really, really like. But I can never seem to think of anything, or just see something and think “that would be good for xxxxx”…

Of course it doesn’t help that I really can’t be bothered to trek around the shops for very long. In fact at the moment, more than half an hour shopping is pushing it as it’s just so horrible trying to get 5 metres down the road, let alone actually getting close enough to see anything. Normally by this time the pressure of the Christmas day deadline has roused me to brave it for just long enough to fnd something for those who are most likely to really sulk without something, but this year it’s just far, far too hard.

Sitting in the pub watching football seems like a far, far more sensible idea.

So if you don’t get a present from me this year (and let’s face it, if you know me well, you shouldn’t actually be that surprised by that anyway), you should at least know that I tried! Sorry! And next time just tell me what to get you! And you might get it about February…

But I guess I’m a horrible person to buy for too. There’s nothing I could even tell you to buy me, as there’s nothing really I need or want at the moment. So I forgive you if you get me a pair of socks. In fact, that could be the most practical thing you could get me!

Bah humbug.

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