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I’ve normally been a bit slack with plants in pots. They get installed in the pot, they hopefully look pretty, they get watered, they eventually die or turn ugly, they get chucked out. Rinse, repeat. Then A little while ago I decided that I’d try a bit of an experiment with the two biggest plants out on the deck that were starting to look like they had stopped flowering and were heading down the path towards being compost. So, a big harsh trim, followed by a bit of liquid fertiliser every couple of weeks and they’ve now turned into stars.

I guess there’s something in this feeding lark after all!

(And yes, I have realised that I managed to miss the “Wildflower” of the month for April. A bit busy. And I don’t remember anything really catching my eye anyway. I’ll have to go a bit further afield to see if I can find something for May. A good excuse to get out anyway!)

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