Not more trees?!

Last lot of trees for this season (we think – for now at least) went in yesterday. A 70m line of Cupressus Arizonica, or Arizona Cyprus. At 1.5m spacing, that was 45 trees. Luckily the ground is still pretty saturated, so digging them in was actually pretty easy. Also made a lot, lot easier than the big trees we’ve just put in by the fact that the roots were still in a very little plug relative to the height of the seedlings. We were thinking that it might take us 2 days to get them all in, but in the end it took us just over an hour. And that included lining up the string to make sure we got them roughly in a straight(ish) line far enough out from the fence to still get the mower in for a while.

Hopefully they’ll cope with the local conditions here and grow, grow, grow. They should do. That’s why we chose them!

Now we just have to work out what to do with all the extras we’ve got still sitting in a bag. Good to have some spares on hand in case the hares have a crack at the run of them, but we might need to come up with another line or two just for fun. Of course we might need quite a few replacements on Monday, but more on that later…

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