We Have Liftoff!

Wandering past the planter this morning on the way to get a cup of coffee I noticed something slightly green out of the corner of my eye. Had a closer look, and voilĂ !Some tiny plants had poked their heads up overnight. Well, I assume it was overnight, and they’ve had a few boxes sitting on top of them for the last few days so they’ve not been in plain sight, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t there yesterday.


13 out of 40 showing signs of life. A bit surprising really, as it’s been really, really, really cold here for the last few days, including two days with snow falling outside the window for a while (yes, I did finally get to see snow this year, even if it didn’t settle), and we still didn’t turn the heating on. Thought they might have sulked and refused to come out and play.

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