Puzzle Maaaannniaaaaa!

It’s been all go around here over Easter and this latest weekend. Never a dull moment and all that.

Well, actually, there has been quite a lot of dull moment, and what better to fill them in than a few more puzzles!

One of us mentioned the “P” word one Easter hol day, so we decided it was worth going into town to find some to fill in the rest of the weekend. Finding a decent puzzle seemed like it was going the be an impossible task for a bit. It took us searching vainly in 5 big department stores before we gave in and went to Hamley’s toyshop. Not a pleasant experience on an Easter hol day. But at least they had a few decent puzzles to choose from. (Memo to self. Never go there again if there are any school holidays on!)

We ended up getting a box with eight 500/750pc Planet Earth puzzles in it, and one other of a Van Gogh picture. So far we’ve done five of the Planet Earth ones…

As I said, there’s been a few dull moments lately! And the challenge makes them somewhat addictive!


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