An update

You knew it had to happen sometime.  Another chilli update.

Things seem to be moving along nicely now that they’ve been re-potted and we’ve had some hot, sunny, and most importantly, relatively wind free days.  I’ve been able to get the chillies out onto the balcony and keep moving them around to follow the strip of sun as it moves across.

Most of the plants have now got 6 leaves, although there are a few stragglers.  Still not sure what type any of them are, and I guess that we won’t know until they actually have some fruit on them.  Difficult to know which to keep and which to give away, and which to just “retire” at some point.  Five plants have already gone to (hopefully) good homes, and some more will have to go this week.  I just hope I get to try some of the results of those plants later to see if I made the right choice of plants to keep…


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