Not something you see every day…

On Saturday we wandered down to one of the local pubs in the hope that they were going to play the SA/Lions game on TV, and to have some lunch.  They decided to play the women’s Wimbledon final instead (which we could have watched at home if we’d wanted, unlike the rugby which was only on Sky, AND they didn’t even bother to have the sound up…)

So there we were sitting outside in the sun instead enjoying another absolutely beautiful day when 2 biplanes came skimming just over the roof of the pub with a wing-walker standing on each of them. All conversation in the pub pretty much stopped until people processed what they’d just seen.  “Somewhat surprised” sounds a fair assessment of the mood!

It turns out that it was the London City Airport Funday 2009, and when we walked down to the docks after finishing lunch we were able to watch some helicopter and plane aerobatic displays etc from across the water.

All a bit of a bonus on an otherwise quiet Saturday, but another reminder that it’s possibly always a good idea to take a camera with you wherever you go as you never know what you’ll see!

And then when we finally got home in the early evening we noticed that there was a big problem with the building aerial. I.e. it wasn’t working. Apparently, according to the concierge,  no one who fixes aerials works the weekend so that means no TV again until at least Monday – how were we expected to watch the Wimbledon men’s final on Sunday afternoon? And were we going to have to talk to each other all weekend?! ARRGGHHH!

Thank you the BBC for streaming the match! It’s been a while since we’ve had to plug the laptop into the TV, but it was a bit of a lifesaver today!

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