Always beware what lurks beneath the surface…

Posted in Food and Drink, Plants and Gardens on July 29th, 2012 by Coffee

Stunning day here, so a bit of clean up in the garden was undertaken. All the manky celery plants that have failed to produce anything that was remotely unlike string were pulled out and thrown to the chooks, as well as all the parsnips that were lurking in the same plots.

We’d thought that this year’s parsnip crop was an abject failure, so we’d pretty much given up on them months ago, and all above ground traces of them had slowly vanished. Looks like we should maybe have paid them a bit more attention!

This little beauty weighs in at 1.447kg. Almost A&P show material! (Although you do have to have 3 matching veg for a good score there apparently, except in the giant pumpkin classification. You learn things like that out in the sticks.) And there were a few other good ‘un in there too. Looks like parsnip soup for the next week.

Which is just as well really, as there’s not much else happening out there. But at least we have some nice clear, freshly dug bits of garden for a change.

Would sir like a colour today? Or perhaps just a shampoo?

Posted in Animals, House, Rants And Rambles on July 28th, 2012 by Bec

Slow news week. Not much has been happening here at all. Not even a cat up a tree.

But speaking of the the kitties, they do seem to be finding interesting places to sleep lately. I happened to walk past the bathroom and heard a bit of slopping from something. Wandering back to check it out I caught a glimpse of a little kitty cleaning his head with his front paws, as they do. I sneaked away and got the camera to catch the little shite in the act so Mike would believe me and not put the muddy kitty paw prints on the vanity down to the fact that I hadn’t filled up the kitty water bowl so he must’ve been looking for a drink.

Once he finished posing for the photo he got a short sharp shift!

And the second was…

Posted in Animals on July 8th, 2012 by Coffee

…just as tasty as the first!

And the third is currently sitting on the bench. I’ll assume that’s one each until I can tell anything different.

It does look like we’ll have to watch one of the hens that seems to be displaying a few broody tendencies already. She seemed to be staying in the nesting box for a very long time so I ended up lifting her out off the egg that was sitting there… She hasn’t rushed back in there yet, so maybe it was just beginners confusion…


Posted in Animals on July 7th, 2012 by Coffee

Today was the day when the chickens finally moved from pets to productive members of the household! Well, one of them did, at least. That’s right, we got our first egg today!

That’s it there on the right. The other one’s from the supermarket and is there just for size comparison. We were warned the first ones might be a bit small, but it’s not too bad for a first effort, I think, not bad at all!

And it was delicious!

No point in waiting around to see what they’re like, it was straight into the pot. Tasted pretty darn good to me!

Now I just have to stop myself going out every five minutes to see if the other two are going to join in on this action too. There has been a lot of popping in and out of the coup lately… Expect an update if they have!

Update: 4:30pm There was indeed a second egg delivered unto us this afternoon! I should have waited and then we could have had one each. I wonder how many we’ll get tomorrow…