Population Explosion

Posted in Animals on July 31st, 2014 by Coffee

Yesterday morning we had two chickens. By lunchtime that had exploded to a total of six! Kaboom!

new girls on the block

They look quite similar to the old ones even though they’re a different breed. Which is just as well as apparently chickens can be a bit racist, but there was about a 5 second sorting out about who was going to be the boss and then everyone seemed to play nicely for the rest of the day. We’d originally been intending to have them in their own run, but as that’s not arrived yet they had to just join the oldies.

And even better than having them finally arrive was having them arrive just as they’ve started to lay. Three eggs from the new girls yesterday of various sizes and shapes. We know they’re from the new girls as the colour is different.

I hope there’s a market for spare eggs at work still!

And this is today…

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Yes, that’s right. We’ve finally been visited by a herd of cows, and boy doesn’t the paddock know it! Even with huge feeds of hay as well they’ve demoed just about everything that looks even vaugely green in the strips they’ve been confined to. Including a fair few pine branches that have been accessible.


The kids have been really enjoying watching them and the daily routine of feed, move fence, see cows run for grass/oats/whatever is there, re-install fence a bit further back, repeat tomorrow.

By the looks of it the paddock is getting a fair old dose of fertiliser, which is good! Just might need a bit of a roll and re-seed before I’d want to take the mower over it though!

This was yesterday…

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The Back Paddock

If it would just stop raining I’ll show you how it looks now…

A few more natives arrive…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on July 15th, 2014 by Coffee

I have to appologise. I knew it had been a while since I’d bothered to post anything, but here you are, still here after having to endure almost two months of silence! Sorry!

But that’s the slide into winter for you. Not much going on, especially with all the rain that’s been around earlier. One side effect of all that rain is that the ground is currently still very damp, and digging holes in it is almost an enjoyable experience for a change. You still end up with a bucketful of stones every time you dig a hole, but at least they seem to wriggle around a bit as the spade blade goes in, rather than just sitting there like an immovable object as they do in the dry.

So for the last 2 weekends we’ve taken a trip to one of the little local nurseries around the neighbourhood and crammed the boot full of various natives and plonked them up in the “native corner” in semi-random fashion. I say semi-random as I do try to think about just how we’re going to manage to get the mower around them when the grass starts growing again.

more natives

It’s a bit hard to see them all in a photo of green trees against green grass so I’ve not bothered to try to get them all in shot (though the pic is clicky for a bigger version if you want to try to see them a bit more clearly), but I think there must currently be about fifty trees up in the wider corner now, with a few more hiding out by the veg patch just needing to grow up a bit more before they’re going to be risked up in the corner with the hares and rabbits around. I suspect we’ll lose a few of the ones we’ve just installed too unless we get some tree guards quick, but they’re cheap enough that we don’t mind a couple going. But only a couple. Are you listening local wildlife?!

We also almost completed one of the many hedge rows that we’re gradually settling on. This row of pittos will hopefully assist the fruit trees from the northerly, and the vege garden from the southerly.

native hedge