More rolling action…

Posted in Plants and Gardens on November 13th, 2016 by Coffee

Today was rolling day again. A slightly smaller tractor than the last time we caught this action, but a roll of the back paddock it was. The new grass that was sown has been growing well, but it didn’t have the stones pushed down so cutting and baling it would have been interesting. Not sure animals like eating stones, but I am sure baling machines don’t!


But after a few glitches to proceedings one of the neighbours will be taking grass for hay from the back this year so had a few laps with a roller to make it all nice and baler friendly. Hopefully with a bit more spring rain, then some nice warm and dry summer days he’ll get a decent crop from it.

Filling up again.

Posted in Plants and Gardens on November 13th, 2016 by Coffee

What a difference a month makes. The nice empty tunnel house has been filling up slowly with all sorts of goodies. Tomatoes, tomatillos (2 of them this year, so hopefully this season we’ll get some – tip for newbies: apparently you need two to get any fruit!), cucumbers, peppers, chillies, basil, Thai basil, strawberries, and a lemon tree that needs to be evicted very soon to make way for some snake beans.


Irrigation’s 80% sorted. Just a few drippers that have been popping off the end of the pipes, but the more drippers I run off them the less that’s happening. Can’t really lower the pressure much more or the valve has a bit of a hissy fit. But we’ll sort it out.

Hopefully if we can keep the pests at bay we’ll have a great season. So that’s a 50/50 chance then!