More farm machinery action…

A bit more catching up on recent events is required. Two weeks ago it started. A new chapter in the life of the back paddock.

First stage will have to go unrecorded, but was apparently just a bit of general cultivation with a ripping and rolling to both chop it up and even it all up slightly. We were trying to guess at the time if it had been drilled again at that stage, but the neighbour helpfully confirmed that it hadn’t been.

We were around when we got to stage 2 of this round though. The actual drilling late the day after next (Sunday). Oats again, apparently. I didn’t manage to get a photo of the real action though. As soon as the tractor arrived our nice neighbour jumped in the digger he’d been using and walked it over to flatten out the big piles of dirt that have been cluttering up the paddock for a while now so the drilling could be full paddock, rather than having to go around the piles. So the area previously known as “The Pit” is no more. We’re not sorry to see it gone though. Good riddance! (He also did us the favour of ripping out our annoying gorse bushes too on the digger walk back. reminder to self: More beer required to pass over the fence!)


Getting back to the main story, it’s actually more correct to say the farmer partly drilled the paddock. There was a bit of a pause in proceedings when the wheels fell off a bit. Literally!


Apparently he knew before he started that they were munted, but just kept going until they were not going to go any further!

A couple of days later, armed with a couple of new tyres, the final bit got drilled.

Then a day later there was a rumbling and a rolling, and the paddock got a bit of a flatten out.


So here it is. The final result. The best it’s ever looked, I think. We’ll see what it looks like after it all sprouts again, and then what it looks like after the cattle have been back!


But for now it’s just nice to a) have something interesting going on, and b) having someone else look after it!

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  1. Sister Jo says:

    That is all very fine and well, but… where are the photos of my delicious niece and nephew? I miss them! And you of course, but more them!

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