Deck: Part 4

Well, nothing happened yesterday. Except for an early morning call from the builder to say that the concrete wasn’t arriving until today now. Wish we’d known that Sunday night. We would have tried to sleep in instead! (Not sure that would have been all that simple to arrange. The kitties seem to like to visit us if we’re not up at whatever time they think is reasonable. But we would have given it a go!)

But this morning the builder and his two “boys” arrived bright and early to start banging in all the pegs for the string to mark all the levels etc. As it was still so frosty I pretty much left them to it apart from clearing the area of a few bits and bobs, and checking that my holes passed muster. By 10am there was some post cutting going on in addition to the stringing up. OOoooh! The excitement!

10:20am, the concrete truck arrived. 11:45 it left, having ripped up anything that looked like it might be close to a “lawn”, and having deposited it’s load in globs around the place. A frantic bit of wood-wobbling then followed, trying to get the posts all square and at the right level.

Lunch then followed while the concrete did some of its setting stuff. Then some more discussion about what was going to go on next seemed to go on, and then they buggered off to let the concrete dry. So it looks like the kitties can have a play on the poles for the next few days. I hope they like them as much as the holes!

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