A night at the circus…

While Mike’s mum was here she shouted us a night out at the people circus, which most people know as Circ de Soliel. The show we saw was Alegria, which means ‘joy’ in Spanish.

It was held at what we reckon has to be one of the best venues in London, the Royal Albert Hall. After finding our seats in the circle area (which I have to say were extremely high up), we only had about 10 mins to wait till start time.

It’s quite hard to remember just what we saw. There was a lot going on, and for me it was way better than sitting through a musical! There was a bit of an intro which included some french solo singing (not sure what was being said but it sounded vey good). It all included a bit of a solo trapese swing artist, a man (who was really stong) doing some then some amzing stuff on some poles, then to some cross shaped trampolines built into the stage with a number of acrobats perfroming there. And a bit of fire twirling. Another highlight was two contortionists as a double act – we were amazed at their flexibilty and a lot of the time were unsure of just what way they were facing! And then some high trapeze acrobats.

The stage was really amazing. What we mean is they constantly changed the set and it was intiguing to see the way they changed things around, we’re still not quite sure how they did it. Oh and the other thing that was great were the clowns in the show, they were quite funny and kept you entertained.

All in all a good night out! Thanks Jude (Mum).

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