A bit more light construction…

Another stunning day, so out we went to the garden to keep ticking the chores off. First up was a gentle poking of gro-tabs into the fruit tree root areas, with a bit of mulching on top.

That was followed by the erection of the first temporary compost bin so we could empty the increasingly smelly food scrap bucket. These pallets have come in quite handy. First they were the steps from our rooms, but now the deck is in they became surplus to requirements there.

Then we whipped up a bit of protection from birds and scraping kitties for the seeds that we (I) just had to plant now we’ve got protection for them… Peas today, both normal and sugar snap. I might consider adding some frost protection for them as well, but I’ll do a bit more research on that later to see if it’s needed. We even managed to get the spacing perfect to get another 2 rows in in a few weeks, and be able to shuffle the netting down.

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