‘Mindy’ the Panda

Sewing lesson number 4….. well, I had planned to make something human to wear, but I just could not find a pattern or the material that I liked. So the hunt must go on.

So in adding to the toy collection I made a panda. Which I have to say is quite cute, and it’s a girl panda too. One observation if you make it, is to make sure you read the instructions clearly, it takes a bit to interpret them sometimes. Either that or we are just plain thick! Oh and make sure you line things up properly or you will have a crooked head…. and you’ll just have to unpick it and sew again! She’s looking pretty symmetrical to me though!


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  1. bob says:

    ten out of ten… really… have never seen such a healthy, symmetrical speciman of a panda.

    i’m going to bookmark this site, it’s quite quirky – even if it is run by UK citizens who’ve turned their backs on the south seas.

    i actually came here looking for our wedding photos… don’t spose you have a copy of them on archive, or are they still on a site somewhere?


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