Finally got around to finishing Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. What a fantastic book! Best part is that there is still 2 more to go in the series, and they’re just as long.

It’s been really interesting wandering around some bits of London and seeing some of the sites described in the book in a slightly different way. And learning a bit more history about the place too, in an interesting way.

And after reading his other book Cryptonomicon it’s been fun to see the ancestors of characters in that novel pop up in Quicksilver.

It’s been really surprising how long it’s taken me to get through though. Not beacause it’s so long, but becaue I’m not reading on the tube any more. The trip to and from work just isn’t long enough any more to bother taking a book . The free Metro each morning is just long enough to get me to and from work every day (as long as there are no delays) without lugging a book as well. Still, at the rate that I normally go through books, that’s not a bad thing. Leaves me something to do on holidays.

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