The kiwi room, minus the kiwi.

Given that there is no other news to report, I have continued on the blind making expedition. This room only had one window to cover so all in all should have been less time.

It has become easier as the calculations and measuring make more sense, the sewing is getting slightly better, and the hardware to add for hanging is becoming more automatic. So you would think on that note that this one would be the best yet. Hmmmmm, probably the most troublesome yet in terms of a straight top and bottom. Somewhere along the line I managed to be out by about a cm or two on one side. So down it came for some handy hem work to straighten it up. All good now and safely restored in it’s rightful place. So this room is now called the Paua room. At least for now.

Now there is just one more bedroom to go and we will have a complete set…

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