A bit of science, and a bit of exercise…


As it was a long weekend here and we thought the chances of us just wasting it sitting inside were pretty high we decided to make a bit of an effort to go out and see another of the free London museums. This time the Science Museum.

We had a pretty good wander around, but we’d have to say that it’s probably 3rd on our list so far after the Natural History museum, and the British museum. Not that there wasn’t some interesting stuff, but it’s just that I think you have to really be into some things before the exhibits really make too much sense to you. Even some of the descriptions of the items seem to assume quite a level of familiarity with the topic. But still enough cool stuff there to keep us both interested for a bit.

As it was a nice day we decided that we’d walk for a while once we left there. Hyde Park isn’t that far away, so we walked up to there and through the park down towards town. At the corner of Hyde park there is a new memorial to the Kiwi soldiers from the world wars. Although we’d been past it on busses now and then, this was the first time we’d had a close up look. Pretty impressive really.


We were going to catch the tube from there, but it was still so nice that we just kept walking…

And walking….

And walking!

And we walked all the way home! I’m guessing that most of you have no idea just how far that is, but believe me it’s quite a way. Mostly down the river, so it winds up and down as you go nominally east. We must have walked for about 3 1/2 hours, including the couple of pub stops we required in order to rest our weary feet! Good though.

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