Strawberry fields, but forever?…

We’ve been donated strawberry plants from 2 sources over the last wee while, and to date they’ve been hanging out in the tunnel house suffering various amounts of neglect. As they’ve been the only living plants in there it’s been easy to forget about them. I don’t count the seemingly dormant lemongrass, but it could just as easily be dead lemongrass. (We’ll no doubt work that out sometime soon!)

So since we’ve managed to dispatch the weakest, the rest should be winners, right? Deserving of a home under the open skies? So today we made them one out of the slightly concrete tinted old boxing timber the builder left stashed up the front.

Despite careful planning, measuring and generally looking like I knew what I was doing I still managed to screw the construction up slightly by putting one end inside the edges, not on the end, if you get me (and I’m sure that you do). But the strawberries aren’t going to care, and frankly today I don’t either (more on the reason for that later). It’s likely to be only a temporary bed anyway. But then we said that about the ones we made quite a while ago now, and they’re still going strong, even after being relocated.

As soon as the plants look like they’re happy we’ve even got the straw on standby to mulch them with. I’m sure it’ll last right up until the first nor-wester! Maybe next weekend’s construction project might need to be a netting lid for it. I’ll just have to remember to screw things up in exactly the same way!

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