Bulk Harvest

After taking up a relatively large amount of real estate for which seems like a very long time, it was finally time to de-onion the onion patch.

We were a bit slack, or a bit green, and didn’t manage the patch particularly well, so about half of the onions had produced a flower stalk that we should have recognised and bent over a lot earlier. All those that had created a nice flower are still “installed” in the garden, drying up a bit, ready for more immediate use in the kitchen. That probably accounts for about half the crop.

The not so good ones.

Due to the (current) weather report suggesting that we’re in for a bit of rain and drizzle over the next few days, the other half got transferred into the tunnel house, with the anti-bird netting doing a sterling job of acting as a drying rack on the off chance that we need to store them for any length of time.

The good ones.

I suspect, given the rate we normally rattle through a bag of onions, that we’ll use them all pretty quickly anyway, but you never know.

Would I plant them again? I’m not sure. As they’re so cheap to buy most of the time I suspect it’s possibly better use of garden space to plant more interesting things. But I have enjoyed watching them grow, so we’ll see. If there’s a spare plot going, I wouldn’t say no.

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