Blockin’ Rays

As we’ve not yet mastered the art of getting trees to grow to the point where they’re useful for shade in a very short time we thought we should invest in something to provide us with a bit of respite from the very hot summer rays


there’s even a couple of extra walls that we can use to block the sun/wind from the sides. Not quite the usual square gazebo, but we figured we might need something just a bit more sturdy to cope with the usual summer “breezes”. Although pretty much as soon as we’d set it up we pulled it down again before the forecast very gusty nor’ westers hit. (Which they did. For days. Poor spuds aren’t liking it much.)

But should do us for a summer or two until we get something resembling some trees to lie under.

6 Responses to “Blockin’ Rays”

  1. Sister Jo says:

    I could do with one of those… perhaps you could send us one with whoever comes over next.. I’m sure we could get it to pass as sports equipment!

  2. Dawn says:

    What a performance to log in!! anyway mission accomplished-and in follow up to a recent conversation-here’s the proof!
    Smart looking shade cover-great space for a adult sized paddling pool Bec!

  3. Coffee says:

    Jo, it might take up someone’s entire luggage allowance. It’s pretty bloody heavy!

  4. Sister Jo says:

    If you came over as a family of three you might just manage it. Especially if you were flying business class. And of course if you could get it classed as sports equipment it would be over and above your luggage allowance….

  5. Megz says:

    I sense a weekend BBQ get-together coming on!!

  6. Coffee says:

    Megz, only if this freaking wind decides to pack it in and bugger off sometime soon. Over it.

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