Last chance saloon

For the last two years I’ve been planting broad beans, trying them once and then giving away all the rest of them. This year I planted broad beans yet again. But I swore to myself that if I didn’t like them this year then that was it. All over. Never again.

So trying a different approach the very young pods were picked with some trepidation, cooked with some fried onion and bacon with even more, then eaten.


Let’s just say that between the 3 of us with teeth we managed to finish not just the plateful, but the whole pan of them. And would even make it again.

Maybe there will be some growing next year after all.

Though I’ve still got a lot of big pods that I’m not going to go near to give away this season yet!

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  1. Megz says:


  2. megan says:

    That looks so tasty!

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