Swift progress!

At this rate I’m not sure how many updates there’s going to be! Yesterday morning another little orange digger arrived on a truck and started to scrape the foundation plot for the garage. By the time I got home after work it looked like this:


Apparently it kept the kids occupied most of the day watching the digger and the gravel trucks come and go.

And of course they left us this. Another pile of dirt to deal with. I’m pretty sure the picture doesn’t present the full scale of the mound. Luckily we’ve got the new raised vege garden beds to decant some into, and a few other bits and pieces that need a top up.


But all that was yesterday. I was just too lazy to tap a bit of a story around it last night.

Today was a whole other day, and when I got home tonight further progress had been made! Now it appears to be fully boxed, just waiting for the concrete truck to arrive.


I guess we’ll see just how good their scheduling is by how quickly it gets filled. I just hope it’s pretty poor so the kids can see the concrete getting poured, but I suspect they might not be so lucky as they are off to school tomorrow.

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