Any chips with that?

If you look closely in this post from August 2016 you’ll see a pile of fresh woodchips sitting by the shed. That pile continued to grow truckload by truckload for about another year until there were five truckloads all in a row.

So after leaving enough time for the last load to gently age we decided at the start of December on about the warmest day of the year so far to go and shift some around all the natives. Wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, ride-on trailer by ride-on trailer, shovel by shovel the piles have gradually reduced so now they’re down to only about a third of the original size, and there’s some slightly happier trees

I just wish now I’d stopped to get the “before” photo of the piles.

Still a fair bit to move, but that can wait for a little bit while we spray out the weeds etc first. Need a bit of growing weather for them to realise they’re dead!

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