London Marathon 2008

It was that time again when far too many thousand of people feel the need to cause themselves a great deal of pain and run (walk, waddle, whatever) for 26 and a bit miles.  FOOLS!


But at least it gave us a chance to go revisit the neighbourhood we moved from last year, as we knew a great spot to watch from there. And a great pub nearby to retire to for a burger lunch when the skies decided to open just to compound the misery of all those running. (The Ship and Whale.  Great place, with great staff and great burgers.  Did I mention the burgers are good?! Sorry Pete and Wends to go there without you guys.  You’ll just have to come back to visit so we can go there again…)

We even managed to get ourselves on TV again (we were on TV in the same spot a couple of years ago too)!  If you know where to look, and what clothes to look for, of course.


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