The last long weekend…

Yup, that’s right. It’s the last long weekend of the year here.  No respite from work until Christmas after this.

So how did we spend it?  We’ve really made the most of it so far!

First highlight: Another puzzle!


But somehow we managed to lose 2 pieces, or they were never there to begin with.  Not sure which is the most likely.  But it did mean we filled in a few more minutes searching the house for them.  Not to be found, unfortunately.

And then, for added excitement, we made some chutney! Some courgette chutney, to be precise.  Getting in practice to use up all the extra vegetables that we’ll no doubt have when we finally get a vege garden and go mad planting stuff.  Can’t tell you how it tastes yet.  It needs to brew for a few weeks in the fridge first.  I’ll try to remember to give you an update when we try it.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?!


There’s still tomorrow left though.  Who knows what exciting things that will hold!

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  1. […] We had a spectacularly bad experience last night with a new recipe.  Somehow we managed to turn some rice noodles into an almost inedible mess, so we were searching for other things to fill us up for the evening. There’s not much instant food in this house at the best of times, but there’s even less now we’re trying to empty the cupboards pre-move.  But we remembered the chutney that has been brewing in the back of the fridge that we mentioned in a earlier post. […]

  2. […] So today we managed to use up all the courgettes that we would otherwise have thrown out in a few days by making another batch of courgette chutney.The fact that we had to go and buy a whole lot of apples that we’ll probably end up throwing out in a few days in order to get the one apple we needed for the recipe  is beside the point! Actually, I’ve just  looked back and found out that it was at exactly the same time last year that we made the last batch. I guess we are as boring as we think we are! No puzzles were done this year though, so maybe we’re slightly more exciting than last year. […]

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