The 1Wire Adventure Begins

Tonight was the first chance I got to play with my new toys. I got iButton and 1Wire starter kits from Dallas-Maxim and have been itching to see if they all work. And they seem to!

What is all this stuff? It’s little chips and button thingees that can be put on a very simple network that can do things like measure temperature etc. And eventually, if I can find, remember, or learn enough electronics, control things as well. They can also act as electronic keys too. One small step on the home automation highway.

The first “experiment” will be to see if I can get things sorted out enough to be able to record temperatures from around the house and get the web server to print out nice little graphs of it all. Shouldn’t be too hard, I hope. Not much in the way of other electronics or fancy software required. I’ll post a link when I finally get it all working.

Now that it’s all nice and warm outside, that may be longer than I had originally planned though…

2 Responses to “The 1Wire Adventure Begins”

  1. Tomooka says:

    Now I can understand why someone with a tunnel house (for example) or a large garden (for example) would want to monitor the temperatures over the day, but why would someone living in a flat in London want to monitor the temperatures around their flat????? Maybe you should consider passing the new “toys” onto a different source……

  2. Coffee says:

    Ah. Well this is all just part one of the grand plan. A learning experience, if you will. Then when we build a house some time I can use the same system to record temps and use it to control heating and cooling etc… As well as recording the temperature for my chillis!!…..

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