Blending a room…

No, not like these crazy guys on this site who see if they can get stuff to reduce to small particles, I’m talking about using some cool free software, Blender,  to make 3d models to visualise some rooms.

My first effort has been a snooker room.  Partly because it’s got some interesting stuff in it that has been really useful in terms of learning the tools, and partly because it’s an easy room to model as there are some pretty firm dimensions required for a given size snooker table.

I have to admit to cheating and using someone else’s chairs and bookcases, but the hard work in terms of the snooker table etc. is all mine.

A couple of pics here (clicky for big uns).  Not 100% happy with the colours, lighting and shadows, but it’s a start.



A huge thanks has to go those that put their models up for download. Cheers!

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  1. Sister Jo says:

    Finally got the name and password right! I wonder how long I will remember it for.
    You obviously have far too much time on your hands… perhaps you could spend a little planning your trip over here instead!

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