Up to 106…

People getting confused? This is fun!
Is it:

  1. The number of hours I’ve stayed awake in the name of scientific research?
  2. The length of time we’ve been married?
  3. The number of hours since the temperature last dipped below freezing?
  4. The time since I had my last cigarette?
  5. How long I’ve had my arm in plaster after falling on some ice?
  6. All of the above?
  7. None of the above?

5 Responses to “Up to 106…”

  1. Sister Jo says:

    Here’s hoping it is either 2 or 4…… I’m guessing 4 – congratulations! Now you will have enough money to pay for an extra play pen for Emily and Masaki when they come to stay with you for loooooonnnnnngggg periods of time!

  2. megan says:

    Okay. What the hell is going on here????

  3. Sister Jo says:

    I’m convinced there is nothing actually going on- he was just sick of people not commenting on his blog!

  4. megan says:

    Good call Jo. That is just the kind of annoying little shit he is! What give Mike?????

  5. Coffee says:

    Would I do such a thing?!? I think not!

    Anyway, I might get around to telling you what’s up tonight, or I might just wait a bit longer… Depends if there’s anything interesting on TV, I guess.


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