Whew! (number 1, I hope…)

I’ve been a bit worried for the last few days.  While 4 out of 7 chilli types had popped up a few days ago (as you’ll no doubt be aware if you’ve visited any time in the last few days…) but the other 3 have remained stubbornly under the level of the soil.

I’ve kept trying to be optimistic about them, but as the days go by the thoughts of “have they not been warm enough?”, “is the soil too wet for them?”, “is the soil too dry for them?” get ever stronger.

But today one of the Prairie Fire’s looks like it’s finally coming up!  That means I can now reset the worry clock, and give the others a bit longer before I panic…

So, that’s now:

  • 5 Anaheims
  • 7 Ring of Fires
  • 6 Cherry Bombs
  • Half a Prairie Fire
  • 6 Jalapeños

And still lingering hope for the Pimentos de Padron and Fresnos…

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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