Whew 2!

The worry levels have still been slowly rising this week as the remaining two empty rows in the planting tray have remained stubbornly empty of any little green things.

Until today.  A solitary Fresno plant has poked its head up.  Just need a couple of its mates to do the same for safety…

We’ll see if the Pimentos de Padron follow suit soon. They should do, if only out of embarrassment that they’re so late to the party.  After a slow start there are now 5 Prairie Fires up now too.

And on another related note, we went on a big expedition to a garden centre somewhere almost out of town and managed to grab a couple of tiny coriander plants and some little capsicum plants too.  Hopefully we can get that all settled and growing too.

I’m starting to have no idea of where anything else is going to fit!

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