The Citizenship Test

Well, looks like I can remember enough stats from a book to be considered for UK citizenship. 

Before you can put forward your full application for naturalisation here you have to do a short multi choice computer based test covering things that are really useful for living in the UK. Like knowing who it is that opens Parliament every year, how many people live in London, how much lower average women’s pay is, and where the most immigants to the UK have come from, etc, etc, etc.

All really essential stuff for life here!

But at least I remembered enough to reach the 75% pass mark out of 24ish questions, but they don’t tell you what your mark is, or what you got wrong, so I might still be misguided on a few things.

Now just to deal with the Home Office here for the rest of the process.  If anyone there is actaully doing this kind of work, and not out firefighting on all the other Home Office issues that have blown up in the papers lately.

Expect an update in 5.14 months, going by the average application times on the site!

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