Christmas 2009

As none of you are here for Christmas this year, I thought I’d document our day so you can share it with us. For half of you your day is over anyway, so may as well enjoy ours too. I’ll try to update this as we go…

It’s a pretty quiet Christmas planned for us this year. No plans except to eat and drink. Oh, and we’ve decided that we need to go for a walk outside each day too. So don’t expect much in the way of excitement!

Christmas for me starts on Christmas eve. Unfortunately we both had to work Christmas eve, but fortunately we both were working at home. Yay us!  So at 3pm we downed any tools that we might or might not have been using and started Christmas proper.  First up, a good old Kiwi classic. Can you tell what it is then?!


Not long after the table was cleared of that, out came the first stage of the Christmas entertainment: a puzzle!


Oddly enough, this is the  first puzzle I’ve known that the blue bits got done first!Brief pit stop for some pies (an no, not Christmas mince pies, some real ones), then back to the puzzling until we couldn’t see straight any more, so bed called.

And then it was Christmas proper!

After a bit of a slow start, mostly because the puzzle kept distracting us (“just one more piece, honest…”), we finally got breakfast together. Eggs Benidictish (one plateful with ham, one smoked salmon) with champers.


Once that had at least started to digest, it was pressie time!  Here’s the gifts we gave each other (clicky):


In case you’re not quite sure what you’re seeing: it is indeed a Christmas pudding; some nail clippers; 3 sauce jugs (one with matching plate); a milk pan; an egg timer, and an indoor/outdoor light up gnome!  I’ll leave you to guess who gave who what. Maybe we’ll make that into a quiz a bit later on!

We had slightly more luck from our gifts from others. Although to be honest, most of them we purchased ourselves after coming to an agreement with friends that this year we’d all just buy ourselves stuff that we wanted, and it would actually come from them… Worked for us! So here’s what you got us! (clicky)


Right, course 1 of “dinner” complete now. Slightly later than planned, but then we weren’t getting too hungry after breakfast anyway. Starter was Indian inspired fishcakes with mint and coriander sauce. yum.


Oh, and I can report puzzle was completed at 15:05. Now what?! Oh yeah, better start on course 2!…

Second course/meal of the day: Spicy sea bass and new potato salad.


Burp! There might be a small delay now while deal with what we’ve already eaten!

Ok. So we decided that we’d skip a course today so we could have it tomorrow. Straight to the cheese course it is then! Yum!


Now, can you follow up cheese with fruit pud and custard, or should that wait for another day too?.. .

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  1. kimandlennon says:

    Happy New Year! Can’t believe we missed this live! Sounds like you had a great Christmas. We started a puzzle on Christmas Day too but we’re not doing as well as you did – it’s still a work in progress.

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