Is it a rabbit? A guinea pig? A bunny girl?!

As we’re scheduled to take on the construction of a full on shed later this week, I thought I better confirm that I can still lift a hammer and wield a saw!

On the list of things we might find handy over the next few weeks was a garden sieve to (hopefully) enable us to attack some of the large piles of dirt that have been dug out of the foundations and separate the stones from the dirt. I suspect the pile of stones will end up higher than the dirt, but we’ll take what we can for the garden!

As a construction project it went relatively well. I’d give it about a 7 out of 10. I know what to do better next time. And given the size of the dirt piles, we might need about 10 of them and some willing workers to make a dint by the end of next year! Luckily we’ve got enough wire netting for about that number!

Big thanks to Megan for modelling it as well so you can get a good idea of scale. We’ll put her next to the dirt pile some time soon so you can compare.

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