Installed at last!

Well it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. Nothing much to report. But today after an email telling us that the chickens will invade soon I decided it was about time that the chicken run door got installed.

The installation actually went very smoothly. A bit of chisel action saw the posts squared off enough to hold the hinges and presto a real, operating door! First time too!

If you look carefully you’ll note the sneaky angle of the photo that hides the big gap between the door and the posts on the near side towards the top of the door. I guess the guys who plonked the posts in have a slightly different view of straight! But it’s still a small enough gap that the chickens shouldn’t be able to get out. I hope!

Now I guess we better look to getting the wire around the outside of the run too, so the chooks can’t just wander out the sides ignoring the door altogether!

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